Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th December 2019

Posted: 19/12/2019 16:03

Sunday 15th.  Those arriving for the 0930 hr briefing found a snow covered airfield and a light to moderate SW'ly wind that declined to light as  it backed into the SE.  Although the day was bright, a combinafion of the condition of the airfield and the atmosphere, the latter causing rapid icing, meant there was no flying in the real world, although David Watson spent some time on the simulator.

Monday 16th.  A day of sunny intervals with a light to moderate SW'ly blowing, this later backing into the S, did not produce any real flying due to the presence of low cloud.  However, the simulator was again in use.

Tuesday 17th.   A cloudy and very murky airmass, brought along on a light to moderate SSW'ly meant it was another non-flying day

Wednesday 18th.   Early arrivals at site, after travelling through fog, found  the sun shining out of a clear blue sky.  This situation did not last for very long, however, as the initially light to moderate, but slowly strengthening ESE'ly wind, soon had the site enveloped in low cloud, this persisting all day, the wind eventually increasing to become moderate to fresh. Consequently, there was no flying.

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