Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st October 2019

Posted: 04/11/2019 15:58

Tuesday 29th.  Blue skies were in order to start the day, as a light to moderate NE'ly blew, leading to  operations off runway 02.  3/4 Octas of Cumulus and Stratocumulus developed later in the day, providing some lift that enabled Albert and Martin Newbery to have 2:32 in their DG1000t, during which time they visited Osmotherly and Kirby Wiske.  No one else managed a flight of over an hour, with only 2 other flights of the 17 flown on the day exceeding 30 minutes.  Andy Parish with John Giacomelli, a guest of Steve Ogden, had 35 minutes in K21 JVZ while Colin Troise had 34 minutes flying K21 KLW solo.  Andy and Ethan Hall in JVZ and Bruce Grain and Mike Shoesmith, one of the 6 First Flight pupils of the day, in KLW,  both had 29 minutes.

Wednesday 30th.  The continuing light to moderate, generally ENE flow saw operations off runway 20 with 16 AT flown, all in club 2 seaters,  Initial blue skies gradually sprouted 3-5 Octas of Cumulus/Stratocumulus but their associated lift was very weak and consequently did little to extend flight times, none of which exceeded 30 minutes.  2 of the day's 5 First Flight pupils topped the endurance list, M Bass having 26 minutes with Andy Parish in  K21 JVZ and R Reynolds having 23 minutes with Bruce Grain in K21 KLW. 

Thursday 31st.  The ESE'ly wind was again generally light to moderate but with a tendency to be more moderate than light and, unlike the start of the previous 2 days, a 7-8 Octa, 200' thick layer of Stratocumulus was present at around 2,000' QFE.  This slowly broke up over the course of the day to leave almost blue skies, but provided sufficient holes by the time flying got under way off runway 20 around 1030 hrs to enable George Rowden to accomplish a 34 minute Mile High flight with pupil Peter Hanson in K21 KLW.   This, and a later flight by George with another First Flight pupil which also lasted 34 minutes, proved to be the longest flights of the day, this later flight finding some weak lift under a cloud street just to the south of the site.  Nora van Genugten chose to fly her Ka6 for 21 minutes, while Andy Parish completed his stay as CFI of the YGC by providing instructional flights to father and son John and Tom Crossman, as well as doing some tugging.    

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