Tuesday 19th to Wednesday 20th November 2019

Posted: 21/11/2019 17:01

Tuesday 19th.  A light ESE'ly slowly backed into the E and strengthened to become light to moderate as high thin cover slowly thickened, leading to a day of 15 ATs off runway 20.  The majority of the day's flights were of the up and down variety, with flight times in the range 13-24 minutes, with the exception being Duncan Pask's 46 minutes in his LS10.  As with his flight on Monday 18th,  the reason for these extended flights is currently an unknown.  The longest flight in a club glider was by Bruce Grain and one of the day's 4 First Flight pupils who flew for 24 minutes in K21 KLW, while 3 flights, Bob Spiller flying K21 JVZ solo, Andrew Bedford flying Astir HVK and Bruce Grain and Martin Clowes in KLW all had 23 minutes.

Wednesday 20th.  Broken medium cover in the morning was slowly replaced by a thin, high overcast, as a moderate ESE'ly blew, leading to operations off runway 20 again.  Limited demand led to only K21 KLW being flown, with 8 AT launches over the course of the day split evenly between club members and First Flight pupils.  Nobody flew for 30 minutes or more, the longest flight being by Chris Thirkell who had 29 minutes flying KLW solo, while Bruce Grain and member Malcolm Clark had 25 minutes off the first flight of the day.

Thursday 21st.  A moderate E'ly combined with 8 octas of low cloud meant it was a non-flying day in the real world. However, the simulator provided some flying training including getting lost and landing out.  The majority of members present on site spent a convivial time discussing aspects of gliding with an emphasis on safety and "the good old days". 

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