Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd November 2019

Posted: 29/11/2019 16:37

Thursday 21st. A dry day in a very wet autumn overall but the low overcast, bourne along on a moderate E'ly,  never rose sufficiently for any flying to take place. 

Friday 22nd.  Rain in the early morning stopped around 1000 hrs as a moderate ESE'ly blew, and while conditions improved the improvement was brief as low cloud returned so no flying was possible.

Saturday 23rd.  The duty team of Steve Thompson, Stuart Heaton, George Rowden and Keith Davy had the briefing room to themselves as a slow moving warm front brought continuous rain and a moderate ENE'ly.  With no flying possible the team, together with a few members who arrived later, buisied themselves with working on the Gator, practicing launch failure recoveries on the simulator or enjoying refreshment in the cafe.  

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