Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th to Saturday 10th August 2019

Posted: 11/08/2019 11:15

Wednesday 7th.  A light to moderate WSW/SW'ly that was at times moderate, meant a day of both winching and ATing off runway 24 and with thermal conditions adding to hill soaring some cross countries were flown.  Bill Payton and Chris Thirkell posted the longest flight of the day, just under 4 hours as they flew Bill's DG1000t to Leyburn, Catterick, Guisborough W and also visited the east coast near Saltburn.  Cloud base was generally around 4,500' asl but Ron Beezer in his Nimbus visited Northallerton in his flight of 2:22  and  climbed to around 6,000' asl but via what type of lift I know not.  13 other flights exceeded an hour, with Dave McKinney having 2:04 in his ASW28 while visiting Ripon and Helmsley, while Nigel Burke in his DG800 visited Ripon, Boroughbridge and Masham in his flight of 2:16.  Paul Bulmer had 2:14 in his Swallow and for those flying club aircraft, Jesper Mjles had 1:28 in the DG303 as he visited Northallerton and Dishforth.  Colin Troise had 2 solo flights in the DG500 off winch launches adding 2:25 to his logbook, and 2 seater pilots also enjoyed the day, with Paul Whitehead and visitor Jennifer Goldsmith having 1:40 in the DG1000 and John Carter and Ken Duxbury and Bruce Grain and Jerry H-N both having 1:06 in K21s JVZ and KLW.  Club members favoured winching as the launch method,  with 19 flown, while of the 10 ATs, 5 were for the day's First Flight pupils.

Friday 9th. An unusually deep Atlantic depression for August brought a spell of wet weather overnight Thursday/Friday, 12 mm falling and that was followed by a day of heavy thundery showers brought in on a light to moderate SE'ly so there was no flying and the day ended with a thunderstorm deluging the site in the late evening.

Saturday 10th.  The depression was still in cha 

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