Sunday 28th to Tuesday 30th July 2019

Posted: 30/07/2019 21:56

Sunday 28th.  A cloudy, overcast day with a light to moderate N/NE wind blowing did not result in any glider flying due to the low cloud base.  However, this  did not mean a flyless day as the Falke had 3 trips around the local area, including along the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors to the north.

Monday 29th. Sunday's cloud had persisted overnight and into Monday morning and was thick enough to generate a few showers, preventing any morning flying.  However, the skies rapidly cleared in the early afternoon to give some good soaring conditions in a light to moderate WSW'ly that allowed 3 of the 4 private owners to rig to fly cross country.  Visitor Graham Morris in his ASW27 spent his 3:02 visiting many of the local TPs including Northallerton, Masham, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Knaresborough and Wetherby, while Martyn Johnson's 2:22 wave hunting flight in his DG600 into the foothills of the Pennines gave him some good views but no wave.  Rob Bailey went south in his ASG29, finding conditions a little tricky over the murky, brown Humber but excellent further south around his TP at Kirton in Lindsey. A return to  Sutton via Harrogate North resulted in a task distance of 211 km, with cloud base getting above 5,000' asl.  Back at site, all 3 of the day's First Flight pupils had flights of around 30 minutes, while Bruce and Ian Bateman had 1:20 in K21 JVZ, Ian previously having 55 minutes with John Carter in KLW, with John having  just over an hour in K21 KLW with Nigel Burke later in the afternoon.

Tuesday 30th.  A forecast of thundery showers spreading up from the south was realised but not before a brief weather window from  late morning to midday allowed 7 ATs off runway 02 into a light to  moderate ENE'ly breeze, landings being on 06.  A shower delayed the start of flying until around 1100 hrs, but blue skies with low base Cumulus, around 1000' QFE, replaced the rain with 4 of the day's First Flight pupils having the chance to experience gliding for the first time.  Albert Newbery took visitor Ian Bateman for a check flight in the DG500, the check involving a high tow to allow stall and spin excercises to be flown, while Martin Newbery, after having a check flight with John Carter in K21 KLW, then had a flight with his son Peter in the same glider.  Flight times were generally in the range  20-25 minutes, as although there was lift under the clouds, their low base meant it wasn't really useable.  Even though the site remained under sunny skies over lunch time and into the early afternoon, shower development was rapid to the SW and with the first rumblings of thunder the decision was taken to terminate flying for the day.       

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