Monday 1st July 2019

Posted: 01/07/2019 20:27

Monday 1st.  The moderate to fresh WSW'ly continued to blow, although slowly moderating and veering into the WNW by the end of the flying day, so it was another day of winching off runway 24.   A steady demand for launches resulted in 20 being flown, this including 4 by private owners and 3 in the returning DG500.  The hill provided consistent lift all day and following the passage of a few showers around lunch time, the day became thermic with some strong climbs, although the forecast wave never really materialised.  All but 2 of the day's flights exceeded 30 minutes, with 7 exceeding an hour, Bill Payton and Paul Bulmer having just under 4 hours in Bill's DG1000, Derek Smith having 3:26 in his DG800 and Fred Brown having 3:18 in his Ventus.  The flight track feature on OGN was not working when interrogated in the evening so I cannot report on where anybody went, so there may be an addendum to add onto subsequent reports.  A number of pilots reported areas of smooth zero but no one climbed above 5,000' asl, this being achieved by Derek Smith, with a number of pilots geting to cloudbase, this eventually rising from an initial 2,200' asl to around 4,000' asl.  The Discus was the only club single seater to be flown, with Ron Beezer having just under 2 hours and George Rowden just over an hour.  John Carter and George Clayton gave the DG500 a 1:10 test flight while Mike O'Neill had 2 flights with Chris Collingworth in K21 KLW, Mike's combined flight time being 1:49.   At the end of the day, the DG1000 was derigged and put in  its trailer ready for collection and transfer to NYSailplanes on Tuesday 2nd July to have a fraying trim cable replaced.

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