Friday 26th to Saturday 27th July 2019

Posted: 27/07/2019 20:28

Friday 26th.  The hot, blue and stable conditions of Thursday had started to be replaced by a cloudier and cooler but still warm air mass, the maximum temperature being 25.3C.  However, the cloudier skies did not herald the development of usable convection, so the day's 16 ATs off runway 20 into a light to moderate S'ly, did not allow anybody to get above launch height, and only one flight, that of Graham Evison with course member Tom Thornhill in the DG1000, managed to exceed 30 minutes, the logged time being 34 minutes.  The week's course members all had their final day of flying and the  two seaters were also busy with 6 First Flight pupils, who were introduced  to gliding by Fred Brown, Paul Whitehead and Graham Evison, who obviously hadn't had enough flying during the week.  The 3,000' tows for the First Flight pupils were the reason for their flight times being in the 22-26 minute range compared to those taking a 2,000' tow, these resulting in flight times in the 12-17 minute range.   Convection became a feature towards the end of the flying day as thundery showers arrived from the south, depositing  4mm of rain.

Saturday 27th.  A thoroughly wet day was the result of a slow moving front draped over the UK from NW Scotland to SE England, with 11.7 mm of rain falling from 0600 to 1600 hrs.  The duty team were duly stood down after briefing, but not before George Rowden had given a Simulator flight to a visitor and the Wolds GC Super Cub had been given some TLC by John Tayler and helpers prior to its return to Pocklington, this being scheduled for the end of the month when it will be replaced by the Denby Turbo Eurofox. 

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