Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 25th June 2019

Posted: 26/06/2019 10:50

Saturday 22nd.  The high pressure continued to dominate the weather, although starting to decline, with the outcome another soaring day at Sutton as a light to moderate mainly SE'ly blew.  The trailer park was soon busy, with eventually 16 private owner launches contributing to the 40 flown on the day off runway 20.  Soaring conditions were not as good as the previous 2 day's, with a greater cloud coverage, so those pilots flying cross country reported having to often having to divert from track to find lift.  Nevertheless, Rob Bailey in his ASG29 flew a 306 km declared task with TPs at the Tontine, Pontefract, Sutton west and Doncaster NW.  Martyn Johnson in his DG600 and Chris Teagle in his Kestrel 19 both flew 179 km but on different tasks.  Martyn originally declared TPs at Pontefract, Northallerton and Garforth but after having turned the first two TPs abandoned his intention to reach Garforth and turned Boroughbridge before returning to Sutton.  Chris on the other hand completed his declared task around the Tontine, Market Weighton and Northallerton.  Although Rob, Martyn and Chris were the only pilots to put their flights on the BGA ladder, a number of other cross countries were flown with John Ellis in his DG800 visiting Market Weighton and the Tontine, Darren Lodge doing an O/R to Rufforth in his LS8-18 and John Carter in the DG303 getting to just north of York before then visiting Dishforth.  Roger Burghall visited Helmsley and Thirsk in his ASW20 on a day where 21 flights exceeded 30 minutes and 16 an hour,    The majority of the soaring flights were by private owners, but Chris Ogden with 2:43 in Astir DPO, John Carter, 1:58 in the DG303 and Martin Clowes with 1:10 in Astir HVK ensured that club pilots and gliders featured, while Andy Parish and visitor Ric Morris's 1:07 in the DG1000 made sure the 2 seaters were not forgotten. 

Sunday 23rd.  The decline of the high pressure led to a thundery breakdown but this did not occur until after flying had come to an end around 1630 hrs, with 15 ATs off runway 06 into a light to moderate ENE'ly wind.  The overcast skies meant no usable lift, so it was a day of circuits with the 2 K21s used for the majority of the flights, although Mark Newburn relieved the log monotony with a flight in Astir HVK.  High tows for the day's 5 First Flight pupils meant their flights were the longest of the day, in the range 20-24 minutes.

Monday 24th.   The aftermath of the overnight thundery breakdown was a day of murk and heavy showers, with 7mm of rain falling during the early afternoon, the rain and  low cloud base in a light to moderate mainly WNW'ly wind preventing any flying.

Tuesday 25th.  A steadily increasing, essentially N'ly wind, brought in some light rain from around 0900 that lasted on and off most of the day, the associated low cloud shrouding the hill.  Consequently there was no flying.  While wet outside, it was much  wetter inside, as a burst radiator in the upstairs lounge produced a deluge into the office around 1700 hrs.  With people still around, the deluge was soon stopped although the mess took some time to clear up.     

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