Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th April 2019

Posted: 20/04/2019 10:10

Tuesday 16th. A forecast warming trend was not particularly evident as the light to moderate flow from the ENE continued, the wind speed and gustiness being the reason for no flying for the majority of the day. However, an exploratory flight by Steve Thompson and Peter Robinson in the DG500 at 1620 hrs led the way for the Tuesday evening group to fly and thus acheive 3 flying Tuesday evenings in a row. The conditions provided some smooth flying but no lift, so the emphasis was on circuit training onto runway 06, the least used of the runways at Sutton. Eight ATs were flown in either the DG500 or K21 JVZ, procedings coming to a halt around 1900 hrs as low cloud encroached from the east, allowing the group to retreat to the warmth of the clubhouse or the car during the journey home after the chill of the airfield.

Wednesday 17th. 25 ATs off runway 02 into a light to moderate N/NNE'ly wind were the fruits of another day of limited visibility and blue skies, the warming trend now evident with the day's maximum being 15.4C. A limited period of thermal activity between 1100 - 1300 hrs provided the majority of the day's soaring flights with 1 over an hour and a further 4 over 30 minutes. John Carter and Ken Duxbury had 1:15 in the DG1000, while visitors Phil Morgan and Chris Bessant had 45 minutes in their Janus and Andy Parish and Josh Brookes 46 minutes in the DG1000. This period of thermal activity coincided with a lull in the wind, leading to a decision to switch runways to 20. Bruce Grain and Malcolm Dinsdale, having taken off from runway 02 were radioed to land on 20, which they did after a flight of 34 minutes in K21 JVZ, while George Rowden and First Flight pupil Mandy Lynch were briefed to land on 20 before taking off from 02. However, the wind then decided to pick up again from the same direction as before so operations continued off runway 02 for the rest of the day, George and Mandy landing long on 20 to minimise the retrieve back to the 02 runway launch point. The majority of the day's flying was in 2 seaters, with only Reg Rowlinson in Astir DPO, and 2 of the visitors in their LS4 and Mini Nimbus flying single seaters. However, solo flights were also flown by visitor M Bechet in K21 JVZ and Chris Thirkell and Peter Guest in the DG500 before flying came to a halt around1640 hrs.

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