Thursday 18th to Friday 19th April 2019

Posted: 20/04/2019 21:10

Thursday 18th. Subtle changes in the position of the anticyclone over Scandinavia brought changes to the Sutton weather, Thursday bringing an initially light N'ly, this becoming ENE'ly and strengthening to moderate later. Blue conditions were the order of the day, but thermals were hard to find in spite of a maximum temperature of 16.4C. Visitor A Peacock just managed to exceed 30 minutes off a 3k tow, while Andy Parish and Paul Frost had exactly 30 minutes in K21 JVZ off a lower tow, with 3 other flights getting to 29 minutes and 2 others to 28 minutes. All in all 15 ATs were flown, the first 3 being off runway 20 but as the wind strengthened from the ENE, the rest of the ATs were off 06.

Friday 19th. The wind had veered into the ESE, initially very light but becoming light to moderate later. Blue conditions again prevailed as the temperature continued to climb, the day's maximum being 19.9C. This higher temperature had the effect of generating thermal activity over a significant part of the day, with Paul Whitehead and First Flight pupil Steve Chiltern starting the ball rolling with 39 minutes in the DG500 from a 1136 hr launch and Colin Troise, flying the DG599 solo, having 56 minutes off the last flight of the day and landing at 1730 hrs on runway 06 , all the other flights on the day taking off and landing on runway 20. Inbetween, there were 4 flights of > hour and a further 4 > 30 minutes. Visitor Steve Codd in his ASK 18 had the longest flight of the day, 3 hrs, visiting the Tontine, Thirsk and Helmsley in the process and also recording the highest altitude, 5,900' asl. Everybody else stayed relatively local, wih Martin Clowes having 2:36 in Astir HVK and Nora van Genugen having just over two hours in her recently aquired Ka6e. Paul Bulmer completed the list of pilots exceeding an hour with 1:36 in his Swallow as the 2 seaters were kept busy with members and 7 First Flight pupils, all contributing to a day's total of 16 ATs. Alan Beaumont, like the later flying Colin Troise, just failed to reach the hour mark with 54 minutes solo in the DG500.

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