Wednesday 27th February to Saturday 2nd March 2019

Posted: 02/03/2019 21:39

Wednesday 27th.  A light and variable wind, mainly between S and W, led to another day of circuits off runway 20.  12 ATs were flown behind the Eurofox in either K21 JVZ or the DG1000, with the only solo flight of the day being by Andy Evans.  Flight times didn't exceed 30 minutes in spite of some high tows.  John Carter and Nigel Burke's tow to 3,500' QFE in the DG1000 providing them with a flight time of 28 minutes.  This was equalled by Graham Evison and his First Flight pupil Ian Austermohle later in the same glider , while Graham also had 25 minutes with Jean Hunter, this time in JVZ, Jean being the second of the three First Flight pupils on the day.  The day's flying also included a single flight in the Falke.

Thursday 28th.  A day of murk and low cloud as a light to moderate N'ly blew meant the hangar doors remained closed.

Friday 1st March.  The wind had become a light SSE'ly but the low cloud remained meaning it was another non-flying day.

Saturday 2nd.   A weak cold front crossed the UK overnight, leaving a legacy of a light to moderate SW'ly wind and, initially, the site in cloud.  However, this cleared,  allowing flying to commence around 11:15 off runway 24 behind the Eurofox.  This first launch saw George Rowden take  the 1st of the day's 5 First Flight pupils, Emma Bishop, for a 31 minute flight in K21 JVZ, a return through cloud from north of the airfield being followed by a period of hill soaring  the S'ly facing part of the main ridge.  On George's next flight, this time in the DG500 with the 2nd First Flight pupil of the day, wave was encountered just upwind of the main bowl, resulting in a flight time of 34 minutes and a climb of 500' above launch height. George capped off his day with a climb to 5,500' asl, again in the DG500, this time with another of the day's First Flight pupils, breaking off the climb with 2-3 kts of lift and landing after 41 minutes.  John Marsh and Tony Drury flew the day's other First Flight pupils, Tony's P2 being profoundly deaf, while John's found the experience not to her liking and was back on the ground after 7 minutes.  Roger Burghall, duty pilot for the day, was able to have a flight solo in JVZ as demand was low and John Marsh and Paul Frost completed the day's flying with a 34 minute flight in JVZ as the wind started to pick up and rain could be seen over the Pennines.  The day's activities were not over, however, as George Rowden gave a talk on downloading loggers and entering flights on  the BGA Ladder and OLC to a small but beautifully formed group of members.

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