Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th December 2018

Posted: 08/12/2018 16:11

Wednesday 5th.  The site was affected by a vigorous depression that brought the usual mixture of low cloud and rain that lasted all of the day, so that there was no flying.

Thursday 6th.  Low cloud meant it was almost a non-flying day but a clearance tempted Andy Evans to take a flight in the Falke, although the cloud base remained too low for glider operations.  However, the clearance did not last very long, with showers and a return to a low base cloud cover  that  prevented Andy from returning to site.  He therefore diverted to Bagby where the Falke was hangared overnight.

Friday 7th. A moderate, and fresh at times, WSW'ly blew all day, the wind speed slowly increasing as the day progressed and this, with accompanying low cloud, meant it was another day when the gliders remained in the hangar.  However, the conditions at the start of the day allowed Paul Whitehead to fly the Falke back to site from Bagby.

Saturday 8th.  A deep depression just to the north of Scotland provided a fresh to strong WSW'ly at site, with gusts into the high 30kts.  However, the wind started to moderate around midday and flying got under way just after 1300 hrs, Bill Payton taking his guest for a 26 minute trip in K21 JVZ starting with a turbulent winch launch.  Toby Wilson, flying the Discus and Malcom Morgan, flying Astir HVK followed, before the day's flying came to a halt as rain threatened, but not before Paul Whitehead and Nigel Burke had had a 25 minute flight in JVZ.  Pilots reported some good lift on the ridge and moderately turbulent conditions on the approach.  The start of the rain was accompanied by a diminuition in the wind speed and a change of direction to SSE.

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