Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th November 2018

Posted: 09/11/2018 13:06

Tuesday 6th.  The cloud filled, murky and moderate ESE'ly flow continued, keeping the site in cloud for some of the day and keeping the gliders and tugs in the hangars for all of it.

Wednesday 7th.   The only changes to the weather were a strengthening of the ESE'ly wind, this becoming moderate to fresh wiht high 20 kt gusts and the addition of rain, which amounted to around 15 mm over the day, making sure it was a non-flying day.

Thursday 8th.   With the departure of yesterday's front, the SE'ly wind had decreased to moderate and cloud base had generally risen, as had hopes of a flying day.  However, stratus forming on the southern ridge restricted the morning's flying to a single flight, tuggie Will Blackburn in the Pawnee and John Carter and Nigel Burke in K21 JVZ having to fly right hand circuits onto runway 20 due to Stratus at around 500' QFE on the downwind leg of the usual left hand circuit .  A break in  procedings was therefore called, with Tony Drury taking the Day course pupil for a long session on the simulator.  A clearing of the Stratus around lunch time raised hopes of a restart to flying but light rain led to a further delay, flying getting underway around 1430 hrs.  Thereafter, 6 ATs off runway 20 were flown for club members, the day's First Flights having been all been cancelled.  With nothing more than patches of zero to resist gravity, the longest flight of the day was by John Tayler and Ann Crick in K21 JVZ, John having previously flown a taxi service to Pocklington in the Falke to pick up Dick Cole who had earlier flown the Eurofox 120 hp demonstrator there on the first part of its journey back to its home base.

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