Saturday 3rd November 2018

Posted: 03/11/2018 21:49

Saturday 3rd.  Ex hurricane Oscar, tracking NE between Scotland and Iceland, brought cloudy skies and a moderate to fresh SE'ly, the cloud increasing as the day progressed.   In spite of the low cloud, typically 1500' QFE, the launch point on runway 20 was busy as the Juniors descended on the Yorkshire Gliding club for one of their winter camps, with a maximum of 4 tugs in action to launch the 75 ATs on the day, something of a record.  Wave and some lift on the southern ridge produced 12 flights of over an  hour and an additional 24 over 30 minutes.  Many of the day's flights found the wave sufficient to stay up, typically between 1,000 and 1500' QFE, but Chris Gill in his DG1001, first with Alex James and later with Lucy Wooton, used his engine to get to a wave slot further south and climbed to around 9.500' asl on his first flight and around 14,200' on his second, visiting Northallerton and Catterick in the process. Chris' flight with Lucy was the longest of the day at 2:11, with Martin Cobham flying his Standard Cirrus for just over 2 hours and Clement Allen flying his Standard Cirrus for 1:42.   Among those not quite making the hour were Keith McIntyre and Peter Robson with 54 minutes in their DG500, Tim Robson and Sam Whinfield with 52 minutes in their Duo Discus and  Steve Thompson and Harry Entwhistle with 50 minutes off the first flight of the day.  While all the above flying was going on, members of the YGC were preparing a large bonfire and a firework display for the club's annual Guy Fawkes celebration which was preceded by a meal prepared by Liz and helpers.

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