Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th October 2018

Posted: 15/10/2018 10:44

Thursday 11th.  A murky start to the day eventually cleared early afternoon, allowing flying to get underway just after 1400 hrs off runway 20 into a moderate, and at times, moderate to fresh ESE'ly that slowly veered into the SE.  Flying in the afternoon lasted until 1725 hrs by which time 8 ATs had been flown, including 3 for First Flight pupils, but with only 3 exceeding 30 minutes.  One of these was a Mile High flight, with Andy Parish taking A Morrow for 34 minutes in K21 JVZ, while visitors Bruce Grain and Paul Smith had 33 minutes in their DG505 and, off the last flight of the day, Andy Parish and Jesper Mjels had 31 minutes in JVZ.

Friday 12th.  Storm Callum, tracking to the NW of the UK, nevertheless led to a non-flying day due to a combination of high winds from the SE, gusting into the low 40's, and periods of rain.

Saturday 13th.   Although well to the N of the UK, storm Callum continued to bring un-flyable weather, principally due to the strength of the wind, this being a fresh to strong SE'ly with 45 kt gusts.  Another feature of the day was the temperature, which reached the dizzy heights ot 21C the overnight rain total was 18 mm.

Sunday 14th.  Callum's trailing cold front, which has been stuck over the west of the UK, finally decided to move slowly east, with the result that it was a wet day at Sutton, with 11 mm of rain falling from a leaden sky during the first half of the day, the wind becoming a moderate N'ly around 1500 hrs as the skies started to clear, the improvement coming too late for any flying to take place.

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