Monday 15th October 2018

Posted: 15/10/2018 19:30

Monday 15th.  A dull and drizzly start to the day, with a light to moderate N'ly blowing, delayed the start of flying until 1130 hrs when John Carter and Mark Newburn took off in K21 JVZ to investigate the potential of low level wave clouds to the north of the site and over the main bowl.  By low level I mean low level with cloud base around 800' QFE.  In spite of the presence of this cloud, finding any lift proved to be difficult, although extensive areas of zero enabled the aviators to remain aloft for 38 minutes, the longest flight of the day.  Interestingly, while John and Mark were flying, those at the launch point were witness to an isolated wave cloud briefly forming downwind of the site well below hill top height.  With cloud cover tending towards overcast, a break for lunch was taken, but with improving conditions, flying resumed around 1315 hrs with George Rowden taking Michael Wilson on a 36 minute Mile High flight courtesey of a large, cloud free area over Thirsk, although getting back to site required some judicious manoevering through the still, low base cloud.  George then flew another 2 First Flight pupils as the conditions slowly improved, the second of these finding some very weak, convective lift around 1,000' QFE that extended the flight time to 31 minutes.  The day's glider flying was rounded off by David Watson who flew JVZ solo for 19 minutes, while the Falke had a single flight with one of the members of a visiting group from the Nene GC and Liam Watt visited in a Jabiru.

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