Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th June 2018

Posted: 27/06/2018 10:58

Saturday 23rd.  The wind was light to  moderate for the whole of the day, initially from the WNW, briefly from the west and then finally veering into the WNW, a medium level overcast for most of the day resulting in an absence of much in the way of soaring opportunities.  No flights, from the 15 ATs flown on the day off runway o2, exceeded an hour, with the 4 that did exceed 30 minutes including the 41 minutes Duncan Pask flew in his LS10, Duncan being the only private owner to fly.  Indeed, Duncan's flight was the ony solo flight on the day, with all the others being dual flights in one or other of the DG1000 or DG500, these flights including 5 for First Flight pupils.  The >30 minute flight time list was headed by Jamie Quartermaine and his Mile High pupil, who had 44 minutes in the DG1000, supplemented by Andy Parish/Nora v G's 37 minutes also in the DG1000 and completed by Jamie, again with another of the day's First Flight pupils, with 31 minutes in again, yes you have guesed it, the DG1000.  Who said performance doesn't matter?

Sunday 24th.  Saturday's medium level cover was still there at the start of the flying day but gradually dispersed to leave blue skies, the initially light WSW'ly soon backing into the S but remaining light.  It was a busy day at the launch point, the day's AT total being 39, with 8 private owners launching and contributing to the 8 flights that exceeded an hour, a further 5 exceeding 30 minutes.  The first pilot of get at least an hour in the air was Andy Hatfield who, taking off at 1325 hrs had exactly an  hour in his Pik 20, with Derek Taylor in his ASW22 having 1:36 while taking off at virtually the same time.  Martyn Johnson in his DG600 launched a little later and had the second longest flight of the day,2:12, but a flurry of launches around 1500 hrs saw Chris Booker in the DG303, Ken Arkley in his LS8-18, Peter Clay in his Ventus, Chris Teagle in his Kestrel and John Ellis in his DG800 all have flight times between John's 2:18 and Chris' 1:03.  All but John Ellis stayed relatively local, with John flying around Market Weighton and Wetherby but, not quite having the height to safely return to Sutton, resorted to a quick engine burn having completed 125 km of the 133 km task.  Toby Wilson flew all 6 of the day's First Flight pupils, all in the DG500, while none of the day's pilots flying either the DG303 or the Astir managed to cross the 30 minute line, although Naomi Kennard came closest with 27 minutes. Martyn Johnson and Kevin Keily made sure the same fate didn't befall the day's 2 seater flights, Martyn having 38  minutes with Andy Harper in the DG1000 while Kevin had 35 minutes with Lee Grinrod in K21 KLW.

Monday 25th.  The wind had returned to a NW'ly direction but remained light to moderate as high pressure continued to dominate the weather with concomitant blue skies.  The light winds and unbroken sunshine meant it was a hot day on site, the temperature rising to a peak of 27.2C and this provided some soaring from early until late afternoon as demonstrated by Mike Collins who had the day's first soaring flight, 1:08, taking off in the Ka8 at 1302 hrs and then flying the last, with 1:20 again in the Ka8, this time with a take off time of 1645 hrs.  Inbetween, a further 8 flights exceeded an hour and a further ten 30 minutes as 5 private owners launched and some short cross countries were flown with Carlton Moor, Thirsk and Helmsley being popular destinations.  After his uncompleted task yesterday, John Ellis had more success today as he completed the same task, with TPs at Market Weighton and Wetherby, to cover 133 km in a total  flight time of 1:45.  Tim Pearson in the Astir, with 3:51, and Rob Bailey  with 3:24 in his ASG29 headed the >1 hr list, with Martyn Johnson in his DG600 having over 2 hours.  Mini course member Pam Stone had a 55 minute flight among the three she had with Ron Beezer in the DG1000, while the 4 First Flight pupils all had >30 minute flights with Stan taking the last of them for 1:20 minutes in the DG500 of the last but two flight of the day. The convection gave most people top altitudes of 4,500 to 5,000' asl with a few getting to between 5,000 and 5,500' asl including Geoff Turner flying K21 KLW solo and Frank Wilson in the DG303.

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