Monday 23rd April 2018

Posted: 24/04/2018 13:55

Monday 23rd.  A moderate to fresh WSW'ly blew for most of the day, gusting into the high 20 kts, before backing into the SW later, the skies being generally cloudy.  The conditions meant it was a winch day off runway 24 and as well as steady hill lift to soar in, a few pilots contacted wave that enabled some cross country kms to be flown.  The day saw none of the club single seaters flown, with the visitors from Lasham providing all the single seater flights, complementing those of the club 2 seaters and yielding 19 launches in total, 15 of which had flight times in excess of 30 minutes, with 8 of these being in excess of an hour.   Typical operating heights of 2,000' QFE when hill soaring indicated the presence of helpful wave, but only two pilots made any appreciable climbs, visitor Chris Gibson in his ASG 29 climbing to just under 7,000' asl in the longest flight of the day, 4:22.  The best climb saw Bill Payton and Colin Troise take the DG1000 to 9,700' asl in their mutual flight of 2:20 during which they also visited York, Rufforth, Gatenby and Black Hambleton. One other pilot posted a flight time of over 2 hours, visitor Ian Haywood in his ASW 19 with 2:25, while a number of other pilots had between 1 and 2 hours.  These included visitor  Mark Benson in his Ventus with 1:44, Paul Whitehead and visitor Mrs Anne Knight with 1:08 in the DG1000, the same time being acheived by Colin Troise who flew the DG500 solo.  Steve Thompson and Brian Ogleby in K21 KLW with 1:03 and visitor Mr N Pringle with 1:05 in his Discus completed the list of > 1 hour flights while the day's 4 First Flight pupils had the experience of a winch launch and hill soaring to remember.

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