Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th January 2018

Posted: 12/01/2018 21:28

Tuesday 9th.  The cloud that had come up from the south on Monday had thickened and lowered sufficiently to bring periods of drizzle and  swathe the hill top, the wind remaining a light to moderate E'ly, but showing a tendency to veer into the ESE.  Correspondingly, there was no flying.

Wednesday 10th.  The cloud and  now light rain, associated with an old front draped along the eastern side of the UK , meant it was another non-flying day, the very light wind backing from the E to become NW'ly as the light faded.

Thursday 11th.  The synoptic situation remained virtually static, so yet another non-flying day resulted, the low cloud again covering the hill, with the light to  moderate NW'ly slowly becoming more northerly.

Friday 12th.  A slowly approaching Atlantic front meant that the wind, again light to moderate, had become ESE'ly by the start of the day and continued to veer, becoming SE by the end of the day.  In all other respects, however, little had changed, with the site again shrouded in low cloud, but with little in the way of precipitation.  While it again meant a non-flying day, that didn't mean nothing was going on, as Mike Aherne had been busy fitting a new starter motor to Pawnee Echo Victor, ensuring it was ready for action whenever the weather relented.  Mike had also been busy working on Pawnee Tango Mike, which, with its new engine fitted, should shortly be ready for its initial engine test.


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