Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th January 2018

Posted: 25/01/2018 16:49

Tuesday 23rd.  A mild day at site accelerated the snow melt but cloudy skies with isolated showers in  the moderate and at times moderate to fresh SE'ly did little to dry out the airfield, so another non-flying day resulted.

Wednesday 24th.  An active front crossed the site around 0700 hrs bringing a period of rain and a cooler air mass, although the maximum temperature still reached 8.3C. The skies gradually cleared to leave an afternoon of sunny intervals, the initially fresh SSW'y wind veering into the WSW and declining to moderate.  The combination of the fresh and gusty wind and the continued wet state of the airfield led to another non-flying day.

Thursday 25th.  Blue and  sunny skies greeted the day as a light to moderate SSE'ly blew and with the airfield now dry and firm enough to be used, the first flight of the 5 flown on the day saw Andy Parish take a Mile High pupil for 30 minutes in K21 KLW.   KLW turned out to be the only glider to be used on the day, with an additional 2 First Flights, one flown by Tony Drury and the other by Albert Newbery, plus solo flights for Stuart Heaton and Derek Smith.  Some lift on the southern ridge extended flight times into the high 20 minutes, launches being off runway 20 behind  the Eurofox.   The day also saw re-engined  Pawnee Tango Mike take to the air piloted by Dick Cole as the running-in of the engine commenced, with an hour at 70% throttle the objective.  The day's flying came to an end with the landing of the 5th flight just after 1500 hrs as demand was satisfied and the rain started.

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