Friday 29th to Sunday 31st December 2017

Posted: 31/12/2017 20:37

Friday 29th.  A depression tracking east over the south of England deposited a few cms of snow on the site, the initially moderate ESE'ly backing into the SW and decreasing in strength over the course of the day as the snow stopped and the skies lightened.  With no flying possible, John Carter took this picture of a wintry scene looking out over Hood Hill in the late afternoon as the skies slowly cleared.

Saturday 30th.  Another depression brought low cloud and a period a light snow around midday  that turned to rain, as milder air spread in from the SW, the initially light WSW'ly increasing to become fresh with 30 kt gusts by late afternoon.  The day's combination of low cloud, snow and/or rain plus the increasing strength of the wind meant there was no flying.

Sunday 31st.  A mild night helped to thaw the remaining lying snow and restore the airfield to green, albeit a very wet green, the thawing process being accelerated by the moderate to fresh SW'ly that gusted into the low 30 kts and provided an peak temperature of 8.7C as storm Dylan tracked NE'ly over the north of Scotland.  The wind slowly moderated to become a light to moderate S'ly by the end of daylight hours but the combination of a wet airfield and a limited number of members on site ensured that 2017 ended as it had started, with a non-flying day.

Could I wish all readers a joyous and lift filled 2018.

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