Saturday 9th to Monday 11th September 2017

Posted: 12/09/2017 15:33

Saturday 9th.  A light SW'ly progressively veered into the NNW and increased to light to moderate on a day that produced a number of showers from a generally cloudy sky, cloud base never getting much above 2,000' QFE.  Only the 2 seaters were flown, including the Falke, to accommodate a a group of visiting Scouts and First Flight pupils, some of the Scouts also taking advantage of virtual flying on the simulator.  In the absence of any appreciable lift, flight times were all below 30 minutes although Andy Parish and Joan Wilson got close with 29 minutes in the DG1000.  Graham Evison took one of the day's First Flight pupils, Catherine Haggie for 26 minutes in K21 KLW having had a flight of 25 minutes off the first flight of the day with Ian Wharin in K21 JVZ, a feat repeated by Andy Parish and Guest M Wilson off the last flight of the day.

Sunday 10th.  An initially light to moderate SSE'ly increased to moderate to fresh around midday, gusting to over 30 kts, before veering into the SSW and decreasing to moderate, all the time being accompanied by extensive, low cloud and frequent showers that put paid to any ideas of flying on the day.

Monday 11th.  Two ATs of runway 24 were followed by 7 winch launches as the WSW'ly wind increased from light to moderate to moderate and gusted into the low 30kts.  Martyn Johnson in his DG600 was the only private owner to rig and fly which he did for 3:44 off the day's first winch launch, exploring north towards the Tontine, south towards Easingwold and west beyond Thirsk in the hope, unfulfilled, of finding some usable wave.  The only other person to exceed an hour was Alan Beaumont, who, flying the DG500 solo off the first of the day's ATs, had 1:02. The day saw a continuation of the showery theme but in spite of this the majority of the day's other pilots had over 30 minutes with Day Course member Jamie Waller having 40 minutes with Will Blackburn in K21 KLW off a winch launch to go with his 26 minutes with Will off an AT.  Tor Tavener had 36 minutes solo in K21 JVZ, while Rose Lorenz and Dave McKinney each had 35 minutes in JVZ with John Carter.

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