Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Posted: 23/08/2017 10:12

Tuesday 22nd.   A passing warm front crossed the site leaving it in a humid air mass, the remnants of Hurricane GERT.  The result was low cloud sitting on the hill, this not clearing until around lunch time with little prospect of any soaring opportunities during the rest of the day.  Consequently, the day was scrubbed for the Task Week competitors although the slow improvement in the weather, particularly the cloud base, did enable the Tuesday evening flying to proceed as advertised.  Instructors Steve Thompson, Fred Brown and Kelly Teagle provided circuit, approach and landing instruction to the 9 Ab Initios who turned up, all taking advantage of 1000' tows behind the Eurofox in one or other of the 2 K21s.  In all, 17 ATs were flown, the last flight landing at 2017 hrs on what was the last of the year's Tuesday evening's flying.

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