Monday 21st August 2017

Posted: 22/08/2017 17:34

Monday 21st.  An unpromising sky greeted the Task Week entrants as a high overcast stretched from horizon to horizon, however, after presenting John Ellis with his day winner award from Sunday, the eager competitors were presented with a task to fly to as many BGA TP's as possible within four 90 degree sectors centred on Sutton Bank.  In the event, the high overcast thinned sufficiently to allow convection to get going around lunch time and with a light SSE'ly flow the launch point on runway 20 was soon busy.  Conditions proved to be somewhat challenging with 2 of the gliders having to use their engines to return to Sutton and Jon Hart landing out in his Vega, being congratulated by the farmer in selecting the largest field available.  In spite of the less than ideal conditions, just under 700 km were flown in total, with 9 of the day's flights exceeding an hour and a further six 30 minutes.  Task Week competitors Rob Bailey had 3:10 in his ASG29, covering 153 km, the best of the day, John Ellis had 2:08 in his DG800, Tony Drury 1:40 in his DG303 and Toby Wilson 1:06 in Astir DPO.  First Flight pupils accounted for 6 of the day's 2 seater flights with Albert Newbery and club member Nora v N having 46 minutes in K21 KLW.  The afternoon also saw the homecoming, albeit a brief one, of John Carter and Mark Newburn in the club DG1000 as they landed out on their task from the 2 seater competition at Pocklington.  Dick Cole soon had them back within gliding distance of Pocklington as he gave them an aerial retrieve behind the Eurofox.  The day ended on a congratulatory note as first Chris Booker converted to the Discus off the penultimate flight of the day, to be followed by a re-solo for Tim Howe of the day's last flight, so congratulations to them both.

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