Wednesday July 19th – Friday July 21st 2017

Posted: 22/07/2017 11:14

Low cloud and intermittant rain meant this was a day for TLC on the club's assets and for catching up with admin.

More rain and low overcast kept the gliders on the ground until about 3pm. The hardy souls that had hung around for the clearance were rewarded with hill and thermal conditions which meant that four of the eight 2-seater flights stayed aloft for over an hour. To augment the glider flying, the motor glider added three more flights to the day's total.

Yet again the July weather did not deliver what we expect at this time of year. A brisk SE wind and almost unbroken cloud restricted flying to instructional and trial lesson flights in the two K21s and the DG500. The P1's managed to prolong a few of the 14 flights to about half an hour and the motor glider was again utilised for four flights before the kit was hangared just after five.

( Colin Troise will be your blog correspondent from now on until George's return to action - lets hope he has better soaring activity to report than has been the case recently)

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