Thursday 13th July

Posted: 14/07/2017 21:21

Another good soaring day was forecast, and 30 flights took place, with two private owners flying.

Will got the ball rolling just after 10 o'clock with a "mile high" trial flight, and paid his way with a total of 6 flights, of which 3 were mile high! Graham Taylor had a couple of check flights with our CFI before taking the club Discus for an hour and a half. The longest flight in a club glider, so well done to you sir!

Paul Bulmer is building solo hours, with another flight in KLW, as is Geoff Turner, with a brace of flights, one in each of the K21s. In total there were 5 flights longer than an hour, with Rob Bailey again racing across Yorkshire at 90 kph! His flight around Harrogate North, Market Weighton and Guisborough clocking 206 kms. A (Andy?) Wilmot is a visitor from Kirton in Lindsey and has enjoyed some good flying during his stay, including 2 hours 51 minutes this afternoon. Its better up north!!

The week course made up for lost time (due to weather) at the beginning of the week, with Chris Shepherd working hard in the back seat, and Bob Beck had another chance to fly with his brother who had arrived earlier in the week in a very attractive aircraft of a certain vintage.

As well as all this fun, Ron Linton was back for another 2 flights, and Simon Altman had half an hour in the motor glider before a couple of flights in HVR. A busy midweek day.



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