Sunday 9th July 2017

Posted: 11/07/2017 13:50

The early conditions featured some low cloud, but with a few gaps, so a late start at 10:50 saw John Carter and Mark Newburn making an exploratory tow in KLW (K21) and becoming the only pilots of the day to experience wave in their flight of 46 minutes.  It's there if you look for it, as was proved later in the day when high-level wave was visible to the east of the Pennines, although too far away for contact!

There were thirty-three flights, with towing duties shared between the Eurofox and the Super Cub.  There were only seven private owner flights, the longest of which was 3:23 by Nigel Burke in his DG600, followed at 2:34 by John Marsh in his DG303 (DGs rule, OK!).

There were six trial flights, one of whom had been so impressed by Jamie Quartermaine's instructional simulator session that he purchased the trial flight immediately.

The longest club two-seater flight was by John Carter and Mike Collins in the DG1000, at 1:01, as John put Mike through a general flying test.  The longest single-seater club flight was in the K8 at 1:35 with Andy Hatfield piloting, closely followed by Simon Altman in the Astir at 1:27.


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