Saturday 8th July 2017

Posted: 11/07/2017 13:29

Of the forty six launches twenty five were by private owners, one of whom self-launched.  Flying started at 09:46 and ended with the last landing at 18:00 (precisely!).

Conditions cycled between scattered smallish cumulus, blue, and blue but with top-cover, which may explain some short flights in the club two-seaters.

However, conditions away from the immediate local area were generally better, with the longest flight of the day, at 6:44, by Darren in his LS8; Darren stayed mostly within God's Wonderful County.  On the other hand, Paul Whitehead flew his Ventus to Saltby South and then northwards to Masham to record 363kms.  Rob Bailey (ASG29) and Derek Taylor (ASW22) both set off for Horncastle and Chesterfield, but in opposite directions; Rob completed the task going clockwise, but Derek was thwarted by high top cover after leaving Chesterfield on his way to Horncastle.

The T21 was flown by Mike Wood in the company of Richard Walker, who had re-authorised the aircraft's ticket over the previous few days (our thanks to Richard who had ventured north from the flatlands of Suffolk to perform this task).  Tor Taverner then made use of the aircraft with a further hour solo.

The longest club two-seater flight was 1:06 in a K21, but that for a club single-seater was by Resh in the Discus, with just over three hours.

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