Saturday 29th July 2017

Posted: 30/07/2017 20:53

A much earlier start to flying today than yesterday: 9:57.  There were twenty-three winch launches, five aerotows, and one training motor-glider flight.

Paul Whitehead showed the tantalising "wave" prediction at briefing, and wave clouds were visible for much of the morning, although at some distance.  They re-appeared after in mid-afternoon.

Darren Lodge was the first to report a wave climb in his LS8 near Thirsk, and this was a good pointer for Martyn Johnson (DG600) who joined him.  Both put their flights on the ladder, but whilst Darren was thwarted from climbing higher than 6200' by cloud, Martyn succeeded in pressing on (up?) to 14200', thereby claiming a height gain of 12500'.  Again, a use of the "Greater Yorkshire" NSGA.  Darren, however, had the longest flight of the day at 4:52 - a flight he described a "good winter's flight in summer"!


Other flights included the longest flight in a two-seater club aircraft by Ron Beezer and Christina Griffiths (DG1000) at 2:05, and the longest club single-seater flight by Chris Knapp (1:22) in an Astir.


In amongst all this activity there were three "first flights".

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