Friday 7th July 2017

Posted: 10/07/2017 22:29

A slightly better day in Yorkshire!

There were twenty flights, two of which were self-launches by John Ellis in his DG808C, the other seventeen were aerotows, three of which were by private owners.  Steve Thompson looked after Andrew Rigby, who as a day-course member had three flights in a K21 and clocked up just over three hours of flying.  There were also four trial flights.  Rob Bailey had the longest flight of the day at 2:12 in his ASG29 whilst making use of the weak wave between Sutton Bank and Ripon.

The wind was strong enough for the slope to work in places, although there was probably some wave influence in phase with the hill.

The longest flight in a club aircraft was in the DG1000, and lasted 1:15.

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