Friday 28th July 2017

Posted: 30/07/2017 20:33

(Updated.  Original posting was from incomplete data).


Flying started at 10:22, and thirty flights were launched by winch, which according to the records was the first outing for the winch since 2nd July.


The longest club two-seater flight of the day was by Chris Shepherd and Robert Hutchinson and lasted for 1:02, whilst the longest club single-seater flight was was flown by Chris Booker, in an Astir, at 1:40.


There were five trial flights.


Two people have posted flights on the BGA ladder, and one is happy to announce that local-lad Martyn Johnson claimed a 7700' height gain in his DG600.  However, visitors from Gransden, Richard and Alyson Maskell, flying their Duo, showed us all how to do it by patiently climbing to 11300', and claiming a 10400' height gain, thereby making use of the "Greater Yorkshire" NSGA (non transponder area from 10000' to FL195).

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