Friday 14th July

Posted: 14/07/2017 21:50

Another good soaring day was forecast with light North westerly winds, and so it turned out to be.

When your author left the airfield flying was still underway, and 17 glider flights (5 over an hour long) had already been undertaken. Mike Wood delights in soaring the Ka8, and had over an hour in it today. Rob Bailey took the club Discus around the north end of the North York Moors to Kildale in ridge and thermal, while Peter Robinson and Nora van Ganugten (sorry Nora if I got the spelling wrong) each entertained our CFI Andy with their flying skills for over an hour.

The week course was still flying, and Nigel, Catherine and Alan were all smiling, so it looks like gliding has hooked 3 more! Alan will fly his Eurofox home soon, but we hope he will come back another time. Fit a tow hook Alan!

And while all this was going on, John Carter passed another milestone on his way to an NPPL (SLMG) by achieving his navigation skills test. Congratulations to John!


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