Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd June 2017

Posted: 26/06/2017 09:38

Most of you will know that George is out of action for a while having a bionic hip fitted. Latest news is that the op went well and he will be back more sprightly than ever. Best wishes to him from us all. So you are stuck with the 2nd reserve for the next week or two. Don't expect the high standard of reporting you have come to expect - mine will more Guardian than The Times.

Wednesday 21st: It was quite a hot day again but with high pressure haze and the odd shower. Just three aerotows took place during the afternoon all in K21 KLW and less than 20 mins each. There was a single Falke flight of about half an hour.

Thursday 22nd: Low cloud with spots of rain cleared late afternoon allowing flying to start around 4pm carrying on until 8-30pm on the next to longest day of the year. The initial 4 flights were by aerotow but the strengthening W wind meant the winch could be used by the next 11 flights. The evening flying allowed a visiting scout troop to fly. The two K21's and the DG500 were utilised.

Friday 23rd: No flying - another duff June day in the north. PL

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