Sunday June 25th 2017

Posted: 26/06/2017 13:34

" I don't think it will be a wave day" said the instructor i/c of the day at briefing. Read on - - -
Apart from a single air experience flight early on with Jonathon May P1 plus Ian Bullous and John Ellis in their self launching DG's all launching was by the winch into a fresh, sometimes strong, westerly.
The four 2-seaters were kept busy all day with instructional flights and air experiences. Flight times generally around the 30 - 45 min mark. Locally good ridge lift was augmented by strong thermal activity and wave influence which now and again dampened down the hill lift. The three club singles flew, Toby Wilson having a couple of flights in the Astir totalling almost 2 hours. Rob Bottomley flew the Discus later in the afternoon for 1.5 hours and Phil Lazenby hogged the DG303 for over 4 hours eventually contacting wave near Boroughbridge and climbing to 10400asl in an attempted x/c abandoned due to cloud cover and fatigue. He is claiming a new UK record for the slowest task leg ever - all of 15.4 kph SUT - KNA.
The pundit brigade had more success. Les Rayment in 221 turned Masham, Barnie, Northallerton amd Wetherby c190km. Jim Mclean turned LEY and TON reaching over 10000ft in his ASW24. Much later Paul Whitehead in the same machine went to Staindrop, Harrogate and Richmond (188km) - as the evening lengthened Polly and Jim were wondering whether or not to lay out a flare path for the return of their new toy. Andy Wright claimed SNP ( Nicola Sturgeon territory?)and Pately Bridge and doubtless other places as well keeping in radio contact on the way with John Ellis in 112 who is believed to have turned Selset resevoir, Pateley Bridge and Wetherby - >200km.
Best story of the day belongs to the Teagles. Kelly flew first in the Std Cirrus reaching 11975ft asl gaining Gold Height in the process. Well done to her. She landed back to let Chris have a go but he only reached 10500ft, also just E of the A1, which must give Kelly bragging rights for a while.
Other private owners to have extended flights included Darren Lodge with 5hrs 45 mins ( longest flight of the day again), Con Thwaites 3hrs 27mins in his Discus and Bill Payton 4 hours in his DG1000. I have no info regarding their exploits.
Yes, it was a wave day!

PS: John Ellis just posted his flt on the ladder. He also turned Burn so total kms 267 for greatest distance of the day unless more claims to come.

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