Saturday June 24th 2017

Posted: 26/06/2017 10:08

A busy flying day in a "between fronts" weather situation. The fresh but lively west wind meant that all but two of the flights were winch launches.  Average flight times were between 30 mins and one hour. Pilots to beat that duration included M Collins with just over 2 hours in the club's Astir and John Marsh with a similar time in his DG300. Darren Lodge posted the record for the day with 4-30 in his Discus(?) with Martyn Johnson having an hour less in his DG600. Ridge lift, gusty thermal activity and hints of wave kept pilots interested and proved challenging at times. Confident statements by pilots returning to base that there was no usable wave were disproved by Nick Gaunt who took off late in the afternoon and promptly climbed to around 8000ft.

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