Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th April 2017

Posted: 15/04/2017 21:43

Wednesday 12th.  A slow moving and weak cold front crossed the site around 1500 hrs, bringing a little rain, but this restricted flying to 5 winch launches in a initially fresh W'ly that declined in strength to become a light to moderate, but gusty  WNW'ly.  3 of the 5 flights, all in one or other of the 2 K21s, exceeded 30 minutes, with John Carter and Colin Troise having 51 minutes in KLW, while John and Ken Duxbery had 39 minutes in JVZ as the hill provided the day's soaring opportunities.

Thursday 13th.  The WNW'ly continued to blow, again being of light to moderate strength but without the gustiness of Wednesday.  The conditions meant it was an ATing day, with 14 flown, including 2 private owners, Ben Dawson flying his Cirrus for just under 3 hrs and Duncan Pask flying his LS10 for just under 2:19 in  the thermic conditions before increasing cloudiness restricted soaring opportunities.  The private owners were the only single seater pilots, with both K21s and the DG500 providing the rest of the day's flights, 4 of which were for the day's First Flight pupils.  9 of these 12  two seater flights generating flight times of over 30 minutes.  John Carter and Chris Haresnape had 58 minutes in K21 KLW, Paul Whitehead and D Slocombe 51 minutes in the DG500 and John and Andy Tyas 49 minutes in KLW.  The Falke was also busy with 3 flights.

Friday 14th.   Another weak and SE'ward travelling cold front brought low cloud and patches of light rain and drizzle during the morning, but clearing weather around lunch time allowed flying to commence thereafter, with 1 AT and 9 winch launches flown into the post front, moderate W'ly.  Darren Lodge, the only private owner to fly, had 2 hours in his LS8 off the winch, with Conrad Thwaites in the Discus and Steve Thompson and Bob Symmonds in K21 JVZ having a flight time of 40 minutes each.  John Marsh and T Dodds in K21 KLW almost joined this latter group with 39 minutes, as the Falke had another 2 flights.  The single AT of the day saw Fred Brown take First Flight pupil M Cropper for a 30 minute flight in the recently returned DG1000.

Saturday 15th.  A gusty and moderate to fresh WNW'ly soon became a more gusty NW'ly, and although the gliders were readied for the day, they remained earthbound due to the turbulent conditions associated with this wind direction and strength.  The day's refresher course for a number of the club's instructors led by Paul Whitehead and aided by Derek Smith, therefore concentrated on briefing room presentations on safety, good instructing practice and further presentations by attendees on  spinning and stalling.  Some virtual flying by attendees was done on the simulator which was also used to provide an introduction to gliding to Joshua, the son of one of the day's First Flight pupils, by George Rowden.

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