Friday 10th March 2017

Posted: 10/03/2017 16:26

PS to Wednesday 8th.  David McKinney's wave climb to 10,000' in the Astir on Wednesday brought him the reward of Silver height gain, so well done David.

Friday 10th.  A slowly advancing, weak warm front meant that any early brightness soon gave way to a low overcast that produced periods of light drizzle at times.  With no prospect of flying, the opportunity was therefore taken to move the DG500 trailer out of the workshop to make way for the Discus fuselage, this transfer requiring the Discus to be de-rigged and the wings and tailplane put in its trailer.  In order to make working on the planned refurbishment of the Discus' instrument panel easier, once the fuselage was wheeled into the workshop, the new hydraulic lifting derrick was employed to position the fuselage on top of the John Ellis manufactured support box.  This operation was carried out by a committee of 6 members with much discussion and changes of plan, but was, thankfully, successfully accomplished, allowing Ken Arkley and Steve Wilson to begin the process of instrument panel refurbishment by removing redundant instrumentation.

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