Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th February

Posted: 11/02/2017 10:39

Tuesday 7th.  An active Atlantic front crossed the site overnight before stalling just of the east coast of the UK as the blocking high pressure over Scandinavia exerted its influence.  16 mm of rain fell overnight with the post front remnants of low cloud ensuring a dull, cloudy and non-flying morning.  The weather started to improve after midday but never  sufficiently to allow any flying.

Wednesday 8th.  The high pressure over Scandinavia started to win out, pushing the by now dissapating front back westerly, with the result that the day was characterised by a low overcast with occasional light rain showers in a light to moderate E'ly.  Consequently, there was no flying.

Thursday 9th.  There was little change in the overall synoptic situation, but the high pressure  had extended further westwards, so that cold and cloudy continental air had made progress across most of the UK.  Initially, the cloud base was around 4,000' QNH and this allowed some flying, the Falke having 2 flights, the first with Paul Whitehead and Chris Gill, as Chris continued with his instructor training.  The second saw Paul take the day's only First Flight pupil, Alan White, aloft, they having a grandstand view of an approaching snow shower.  This duly arrived after the Falke had landed, covering the Falke and the ground crew in snow as the aircraft was being pushed into the hangar.  A brief clear period later in the day allowed Paul and Chris to take the Super Cub down to Bagby for planned maintenance, this completing the day's aviating.

Friday 10th.  The cold, light to moderate, NE'ly flow continued to bring in a low overcast that was thick enough to generate frequent but light snow/sleet showers.   So it was a non-flying day.

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