Saturday 11th to Monday 13th February

Posted: 14/02/2017 10:21

Saturday 11th.  The by now moderate NE'ly flow continued to bring in low cloud and frequent light showers which fell mainly as snow, so it was a  non-flying day outside.  The continued lack of flying led to a number of members taking advantage of the simulator.

Sunday 12th.  With little  change in the synoptic situation, the NE'ly wind continued to blow, but had increased to moderate to fresh, veering into the east as the day progressed, with gusts into the mid 20 kts.   Similarly, the frequent light showers continued, although with a slight increase in ambient temperature the showers were of rain.  With no real flying possible, the simulator again came into its own, accommodating a visiting group of 8 scouts as well as club members.

Monday 13th.  Subtle changes in the synoptic situation, as the blocking high's influence on the weather over the UK started to weaken, led to a reduction in wind speed to light to moderate but with the wind continuing from the east.  A  clearance to sunny skies after a cloudy morning led to some hope of flying, but the clearance was brief and cloudy skies returned dashing all hopes of flying apart from on the simulator, where a visitor got to grips with aero towing.

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