Saturday 21st January 2017

Posted: 21/01/2017 15:09

Saturday 21st.  The clear skies of Friday evening had been replaced by the all too familiar overcast which the Falke, on a partially investigational flight, determined was a only 700' QFE, too low for glider operations.   With the weather worsening around lunch time, a lowering cloud base and drizzle setting in, the optimism which had led to K21 being relocated to the launch point on runway 20, evaporated and KLW, together with the ground equipment were returned to the hangar or tractor shed.  The weather also caused the postponement of the plan for the transfer of Eurofox MOYR to its new owners at Currock Hill, but not before MOYR had been moved out of the tug hangar and started up in preparation for the arrival of her new owners.   The following photo shows MOYR with, who else but Dick Cole on board, just prior to engine start up.

MOYR ready to depart. Jan 21

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