Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January 2017

Posted: 30/01/2017 11:04

Friday 27th.  The cold, light to moderate, SE'ly flow continued around the high pressure, with the result it was another ice day at Sutton, the temperature never getting above zero.  More importantly the airmass provided  low and extensive cloud that shrouded the hill all day and prevented any flying.

Saturday 28th.  An Atlantic front eventually make progress across the UK as the blocking high retreated to the east, the front bringing 7 mm of rain that lasted into the morning, with accompanying low cloud.  The post front clearance arrived around midday, the light to moderate SSE'ly veering into the SW, with a consequent rise in temperature.  The better conditions were not, however, good enough to allow flying to take place as the moist air still led to extensive low cloud but the DG1000 was rigged following its return from its ARC.

Sunday 29th.  Low cloud still shrouded the site as a light to moderate ESE'ly blew, but this cleared around midday, the clearance allowing flying to commence at 1400 hrs.  However, although the skies cleared, the high humidity resulted in extensive misting on the outside of the canopies, this restricting flying to 2 AT's.  These saw  John Marsh and Tony Drury take K21 JVZ for a 17 minute flight before Jamie Quartermaine and Toby Wilson took advantage of a higher tow to record 22 minutes in the same glider.   Canopy misting was not a problem for the Falke which had two local flights while indoors Chris Gill spent useful time in the briefing room being tutored on his instructor's course  with David Watson.


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