Saturday 5th November

Posted: 06/11/2016 19:12

Saturday 5th.  A moderate to fresh N'ly gusting into the low 30 kts and accompanied by regular showers precluded any flying but didn't put a damper on the building of the bonfire by John Ellis and helpers or preparations for the evening fireworks by David Latimer's team, while in the clubhouse Liz and her team prepared suitably warming  dinner options for around 100 people.  The traditional Guy was skillfully made by Jim Mclean and Polly Whitehead, with any resemblance to certain members being totally coincidental, while even more artistry was shown by Zoe Maskell, Holly and Emily Carter in providing some outstanding pumpkin carving, the results of which are shown below.


With a wind chill temperature of -4C, Liz's aforementioned warming dinner was greatly appreciated by those who went outside to suffer thermal stress around the bonfire, being toasted on one side and frozen on the other, as shown below.


While necks were also strained to witness the sights and sounds of the splendid and accompanying firework display, which the following photos tried in vain to capture.




The evening's outdoor activities were concluded by what looked like a gliding club version of the Up Helly Aa celebration in Shetland where at its conclusion a replica Viking long boat is put to the torch.  In the YGC version, the Viking long boat, was replaced  the the Ka8's open trailer, as shown below.


Fortunately, the metal trailer, which had been used as the launching pad for the fireworks, suffered no harm and, as importantly, neither did the Ka8 which was safely tucked up in the hangar.

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