Sunday 9th to Wednesday 12th October

Posted: 13/10/2016 16:47

Sunday 9th.  A light to moderate NE'ly flow brought in a generally cloudy day, the few sunny intervals being accompanied by isolated showers.  19 ATs were flown off runway 02, with 3 private owners providing the only solo launches,  the remaining flights all being in the club 2 seaters, including 4 for First Flight pupils.  Staying up proved to be something of a struggle, with Darren Lodge in his LS8 managing 43 minutes, the longest of the day, while Ron Beezer and Harvey Dunmore came close with 42 minutes.  The only other flight to breach the 30 minute barrier was by Martyn Johnson and his Mile High pupil, P Whaley, who had 35 minutes.

Monday 10th.  The Scandinavian high was still in place, but its slightly changed position led to a light to moderate N'ly flow over Yorkshire, the air mass being predominately cloudy with fewer sunny intervals and more showers than on Sunday.  The low cloud base and showers led to flying being delayed until early afternoon when John Carter and Nigel Alway flew K21 KLW for 18 minutes off a 3,000' tow.  After landing, Nigel Alway's place was taken by the day's First Flight pupil who got as far as being briefed and strapped in ready for a launch, only for this to be stopped before it got going as the blue skies disappeared to be replaced by a shower.  Conditions did not improve sufficiently after that to allow further flying to take place.  John had had a more interesting time the previous week, when in the company of David and Richard Watson, they had spent time visiting and also doing some flying from Feishiebridge, Aboyne and Easterton.

Tuesday 11th.  Subtle changes to the position of the anticyclone over Scandinavia meant the initially E'ly flow backed into the NE over the day, the wind becoming moderate.  More cloud and showers than on Monday, the showers turning to more general rain in the late afternoon, meant it was a non-flying day, although initially the prospect of flying had resulted in the gliders and tugs being prepared for flying.

Wednesday 12th.  A light NE'ly became a moderate E'ly by the middle of the day before diminishing back to its starting conditions, but no flying was possible due to a combination of a low cloud base and fairly frequent showers as the air mass became increasingly unstable.

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