Milfield Expedition Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th October.

Posted: 06/10/2016 10:20

Colin Troise's report of the YGC expedition to Milfield continued.

Tuesday 4th.  Mr RASP had predicted some weak SE wave to the north of Milfield, but the day started with much ragged cumulus at less than 1500′. However, two intrepid DG800 pilots and one equally intrepid Jet Shark pilot launched, and thereafter reported wave along the college valley, although cloud climbs were necessary to reach it and there was an 8/8 ths cloud cover below them. The conditions deteriorated and all eventually landed after about an hour’s flying.
Just after one o’clock the conditions had improved and the first few two seater launches reported wave near the monument. The queue quickly formed! Although the wave was again fairly local many pilots reported 8000 and 9000 and several managed to chase the wave to above 12000.

Four days, four flying days. Not half bad!

A quick check of tomorrow’s weather shows some gusting above 45mph, so it could well be a rest day.

Wednesday 5th . So much for a rest day! The day’s activities were started by Bob and Martin in the 1000, but their launch was a little too early, and along with the Perkoz they found significant sink and rotor and landed shortly after. The forecast winds were not quite strong enough to stop aerotowing, but still created challenging turbulence on the approach.
Bob and Colin were next to launch, again in the 1000, and their 3000 feet launch into a thermal/street enabled them (Bob) to find the wave and climb to 11000+ feet. This display of ability was being watched avidly on the Flarm in the clubhouse, and resulted in gliders that had been returned to the trailer area being rapidly retrieved and launched, with most of the fleet eventually being airborne. Height honours go to Will Greenwood (Parham) at 17000.
Milfield had said that they would like flights over 10000 feet logged in order to preserve their NSGA – today obliged!

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