Monday 5th to Friday 9th September.

Posted: 09/09/2016 20:45

Monday 5th.  A moderate SSE'ly steadily veered into the S and declined to light over the course of the day, low cloud preventing any flying until the middle of the afternoon as the temperature rose steadily to reach 17.2C at 1800 hrs.  Six 1,000' ATs were flown in K21 JVZ behind the Eurofox as members of the visiting group from Stratford GC carried out site checks with either John Carter or David Watson, flight times never getting above 10 minutes.

Tuesday 6th.  A light to moderate SW'ly with broken cloud presaged a good hill soaring and  wave day.  Pilots had a choice of winch or ATs  with 13 of the day's 25 ATs getting to 6,000' asl or more and the majority exceeding 30 minutes.  The visiting Stratford GC pilots provided the majority of the private owner launches, of which there were 10 via AT and 4 on the winch, and while only the club 2 seaters were flown via AT, the club's single seaters were all winch launched, the latter method accounting for 13 launches.  As well as some impressive climbs, some pilots took the opportunity to fly cross country, with Albert Newbery and John Ellis covering 175 km as they visited Selset Reservoir and Harrogate North in Albert's DG1000, their 3:53 flight including a climb to 16,000' asl.  Jesper Mjels, venturing forth in his DG400, flew 251 km as he visited Hebden Bridge and Harrogate North, his peak altitude being 19, 607' asl while Andy Wright flew 368.3 km in his Nimbus 3 with TPs at Thirsk, Hexham, Pateley Bridge and Burnhope Reservoir, his altitude varying between 6 and 8,000' asl.  Other pilots decided to concentrate on altitude with Martyn Johnson in his DG600 getting to 18,550' asl, Stratford GC pilots Barry Kerby and Keith Lorenz getting to 12,000' in Barry's Duo Discus and Sharon Kerby climbing to 8,400' in her ASW28.  Barry Kerby, on a separate flight in his Duo Discus, this time with R Lorenze off a winch launch, posted the longest flight of the day, 5 hrs, with visitor J Gale in his ASW20 having 2:42 also off the winch.    CFI Andy Parish continued his recent run of wave climbs with a couple more, the most notable of which was a climb to 9,200' asl with Andy Oakley, while Frank Wilson in the DG303 flew for 1:46, Phil Lazenby, also  in  the DG303 1:54 and Philip Chalans 1:21 in Astir DPO, all from the winch.  The conditions ensured that flying continued until 1808 hrs.

Wednesday 7th.  The light to moderate SSW'ly slowly backed into the SE as the day progressed, the arrival of warm continental air leading to  a maximum temperature of 24.5C.  The soaring today saw  19 of the day's 32 ATs exceeding 30 minutes and 7 an hour, while 7 First Flight pupils were flown.   The visiting Stratford GC group were again well to the fore in extended flight times with Barry Kerby flying his Duo Discus solo for 3:45, P McAuley recording 3:25 in his ASW24 and Sharon Kerby having 2:16 in her ASW 28.  YGC pilots Martyn Johnson in his DG600 and Duncan Pask in his LS10 both exceeded 2 hours with Martyn having 2:31 and Duncan 2:03, while Philip Challans had just over an hour in Astir DPO.  The longest flights in  club 2 seaters saw John Carter/L Sim and Liz Keiley/David Campbell share the honours at 49 minutes, with the DG500 and the DG1000 being their respective steeds.

Thursday 8th.  A weak cold front crossed the site around 0920 hrs, its low cloud and bits and pieces of rain delaying the start of  flying until around midday, the passage of the front causing the light to moderate SE'ly to veer into the W and strengthen to moderate, with gusts into the low 30 kts by the end of the day.   The delayed start to flying meant only 16 ATs were flown, with K21 JVZ being used for  a small group of pilots attending an aerobatic course with course instructor George Rizk from Saltby.   The remaining club 2 seaters were kept busy with 5 First Flight pupils and the day saw 4 private owners launch, some again contacting wave.  Jesper Mjels in his DG400 climbed to 14,200' asl while Phil Lazenby in the DG303 got to 11,600' asl, but most pilots found staying up reasonably straight forward as the 9 flights to exceed 30 minutes shows.  Derek Smith had 1:50 in his Ventus, Frank Wilson 1:47 in the DG303 while visitors Sharon Kerby with 1:33 in her ASW28 and Barry Monslow with 1:08  in his LS8 added to their hours total for the week.

Friday 9th.   An active approaching cold front was preceded by a light to moderate S'ly this increasing to moderate to fresh with gusts into the low 30 kts by mid afternoon as the skies clouded over.  9 ATs of runway 20 were flown before flying was abandoned for the day due to the increasing wind and shower activity.  Prior to this abandonment, the aerobatic course continued, a single First Flight pupil was flown and the Stratford GC visitors added some more wave flying to their log books, Barry Kerby and Chris Edkins getting to 9,000' asl in Barry's Duo Discus and Barry Monslow getting to 6,000' asl in his LS8.  Barry and Chris posted the longest flight of the day, 3:17, they being joined on the > 1 hour list by Barry Monslow with 1:47 and YGC members Colin Troise and Chris Thirkell with 1:35 in the DG500.  Unlike the Stratford visitors, Colin and Chris, taking off on the last flight of the day under leaden skies, found no wave lift and having returned to site spent the rest of the flight at between 6 and 800' QFE doing extended S turns along the SSW facing portion of the main bowl. regularly getting boosted to around a 1000' QFE by a  small area of consistent if rough lift near Lake Gormire, roughness being a feature of most of the day's flights

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