Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd June.

Posted: 02/06/2016 21:26

Wednesday 1st.  The synoptic situation hadn't changed much from previous days, with the result that the moderate to fresh and gusty N'ly continued to blow and bring in copious amounts of low cloud from the North Sea, the temperature struggling to get into double figures.  Not surprisingly there was no flying.

Thursday 2nd.  More of the same weatherwise, but at least the N'ly  had declined in strength to moderate and was less gusty, but was still accompanied by a low overcast and poor visibility that prevented any flying taking place.  This was unfortunate as the club and gliding was the venue and objective  for a Corporate group of  30+ trainee medics from Yorkshire NHS trusts who, under the direction of A&E Consultant and club member Resh Khodabocus and his team, were having a day of lectures and social activities aimed at preparing the trainees for the responsibilities and opportunities of work as well as achieving a good life/work balance.  While no actual flying was possible, the gliders and tugs were made available for close inspection, an appetising 2 course lunch was provided by Liz and her catering team and a number of the visitors were introduced to gliding via the simulator.  The following photo shows Mike Smith with 3 of the visitors in the simulator suite, Mike providing most of  the instruction aided by George Rowden.

In the Sim

Following a number of lectures, lunch, a stroll around the airfield and more lectures, the final activity of the day was a quiz, somewhat medically orientated, with the YGC providing a team under the name, Pointless Pilots.  The team members, who shall remain anonymous, tried their best to live up to their team's name and were moderately successful.

The lack of real flying on the day, did not dampen the visitors enthusiasm to try gliding, and this, plus the introduction to gliding for some on the simulator, resulted in a stack of First Flight vouchers being purchased on the day for future use, the distribution of these by Resh, following the completion of the aforementioned quiz, being captured in the next photo.

Post Quiz

The visitors departed the site around 1530 hrs, this being followed shortly afterwards by clearing skies as the next photo, taken looking up runway 02, shows.   Grrrrrrr!!!!

Clearing skies

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