Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th April

Posted: 28/04/2016 17:59

Wednesday 27th.  A sunny start to the day with a light to moderate N'ly blowing, soon developed extensive, low base Cumulus that showed strong vertical development and led to an afternoon of heavy and slow moving showers of hail and snow, the wind decreasing to become light from the W and the site turning white yet again.  Although there was no flying a number of jobs were successfully completed, including the installation of a new tow rope on the Pawnee and the servicing of Eurofox YR.

Thursday 28th.   Hopes of a short period of soarable, cross country  weather before a small but active depression arrived, were given some credence as the day dawned sunny after a keen overnight front and the high cover associated with the depression was visible but well to the west.    However, the base of the  early forming Cumulus was only at around 500' QFE and while this steadily improved with time the high cover arrived by late morning and sleet by the middle of afternoon, this restricting the day's flying to 10 ATs off runway 20, the wind being S'ly and increasing from light to become moderate with the arrival of the rain.  A brief spell of soarable weather in the early afternoon allowed 4 flights to exceed 30 minutes with Phil Morgan, the visiting  CFI from the Bowlands GC, having the longest flight of the day, 54 minutes solo in K21 KLW.  John Carter and Nigel Aldred, a visitor from Camphill, had 48 minutes in K21 JVZ, Duncan Pask had 38 solo minutes in JVZ while Andy Parish took Ms Finley, one of the 3 First Flight pupils of the day for 32 minutes in JVZ.    Polly Whitehead, flying KLW solo, found some strong lift in front of an advancing wall of sleet/snow but wisely decided to land after 20 minutes before it reached the site, this being the last flight of the day.  The Falke had a single flight but was then grounded with a flat tyre and before the sleet set in  the DG1000 was derigged and put in its trailer in readiness for its departure to Rufforth for the InterClub league competition this coming weekend.

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