Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th March

Posted: 11/03/2016 16:52

Tuesday 11th.  The day started with some light rain and low cloud in a light to moderate, generally S'ly flow and although subsequently dry, the low cloud persisted for virtually all the day, preventing any flying apart from on the simulator where first John Carter and P March had a couple of sorties before being followed by Dave McKinney on a solo mission.

Wednesday 12th.   A significant fall in pressure of 10 mbs over the day signalled the approach of a depression tracking over the south of England, its associated occluded front making it a very wet day at site, with 16 mm of rain falling.  Around midday the N'ly wind increased to moderate and gusted to the high 20 kts, before decreasing to become light to  moderate, the temperature falling to the day's minimum of 2.5C around 1800 hrs.  All this weather meant it was a non-flying day.

Thursday 13th.  A murky and drizzly start to the day in a light N'ly meant it was another non-flying day, although the time was put to good use in fabricating a new fuselage dolly for the DG500.  Conditions slowly improved as the day progressed but never sufficiently to allow flying to take place.

Friday 14th.  Very murky conditions in a light to moderate SE'ly flow gradually improved over the course of the day, but the improvement was so slow that conditions never became good enough for flying, mainly due to persistent low cloud.  There was some virtual flying on the simulator by Messrs Newbery and Schofield  and  Albert also ran an engine check on the Super Cub prior to a decision being taken as to whether to fly it down to Bagby for some engine TLC.


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