Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th February

Posted: 23/02/2016 14:08

Thursday 11th. A gentle breeze from the west blew all day under generally sunny skies, but lift was in short supply, only one of the 12 ATs of the day exceeding 30 minutes, with most pilots seeking to extend their flight times by taking tows to 3,000′ QFE. Polly Whitehead led the way with 31 minutes solo in K21 JVZ, followed by Ken Arkley with 27 minutes again solo in the same glider from the same release height. Andy Parish and Peter Robinson in the DG1000 managed 25 and 24 minutes from their 2 flights, the latter time also being reached by Mike Smith flying JVZ solo, while the only First Flight pupil of the day experienced a gentle introduction to gliding.

Friday 12th. The UK was situated under a meteorological col, with low pressure centres to the N, S, E and W, the result being a light wind day with partially cloudy skies that produced a few showers to start the day, this delaying the start of flying until around midday. 6 ATs were flown before flying came to a halt at 1630 hrs, but not before some thermal activity was utilised to provide 2 flights of over 30 minutes. Nick Gaunt spent 41 minutes airborne solo in K21 JVZ while showing off his T&S/ASI based cloud flying skills by climbing to around 4,000′, although I am not sure if this was QFE or QNH. Andy Parish and Charles Willoughby were the only other pilots to break the 30 minute mark with 25 minutes in JVZ, while Graham Taylor had 26 minutes solo in JVZ, this being the only glider utilised on the day. The day’s flying was completed by a single Falke flight.

Saturday 13th. A morning of wintry showers in a light to moderate E’ly flow meant the start of flying was again delayed until after midday, a visiting group of Scouts/Scouters spending time on the simulator. Once the weather cleared, flying got under way off runway 02 although most pilots chose to land on runway 06. All the club 2 seaters, but none of the single seaters were flown and although there was some weak thermal activity, only the single Mile High pupil of the day provided a flight that exceeded 30 minutes, 34 minutes being recorded by the pupil and Andy Hatfield in K21 KLW. 4 of the group of Scouts added real to virtual flying, while a clutch of members achieved flight time of around 24/5 minutes, these being Graham Evison with 25 solo minutes in the DG500, John Marsh and Tony Drury in K21 JVZ and Fred Brown and Anton Mahnke in the DG1000. Once flying was over for the day, members gathered in the clubhouse for a Members Forum meeting at which members of the Board answered a variety of questions on club affairs, ranging from the club’s future plans and objectives to possible changes to the way member’s end of year accounts are presented. At the end of the meeting those members of the board present were thanked for an informative, wide ranging and constructive presentation and discussion.

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